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Flat Mats

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Mat large - Plus, needle spacing: 6.2 Ag,560x290 mm, number of needles:4538.
Schans 6.2 x 4, needle spacing: 6.2, (475x235 mm), number of needles: 3000.
Mat large, needle spacing: 7, (275x480 mm) number of needles: 2710

Flat Lyapko acupressure mats are intended for body parts which aren't flat but have some curvature: back, abdomen, chest, lower back, arms and legs, palms and feet. In order to achieve the right effect the body weight has to be distributed evenly on the acupressure mat. The acupressure mat should never lie on a flat surface. Pillows and rolled-
up towels should be placed under the acupressure mat so that it can adapt to the curvature of the spine and neck. You then lie down directly on the mat with a naked back. This is best done in the morning or in the evening after a busy day. In the morning you can also place your feet on the mat or on special insoles. In the first five minutes it may feel a little uncomfortable, but this is followed by a feeling of warmth, together with pleasant vibrations and a tingling sensation -
you then become sleepy, relax and fall into a refreshing sleep. If the discomfort does not disappear after 10- 15 minutes, you should stop and not lie down on the mat again for another 5- 10 hours or until the next day, and then place a smaller area of the body on the mat.
Rollers can be used dynamically. The relaxation effect is achieved much faster with the roller than with static devices like the mat. Effective duration (how long it takes until you recover from physical exertion): 15- 30 minutes, with the roller: 10- 15 minutes.
Relaxation, roller: 8- 15 minutes. Mat: 20- 30 minutes.
Massage ball: can be applied to the whole body.
Relaxation, massage ball: 8- 15 minutes
Acupressure soles: apply acupressure to the reflex zones of the soles.
Soothing effect: 15- 30 minutes of slow, wavelike movements of the sole of the foot on the insole while sitting straight on a chair or the like.
Stimulation: standing 5- 10 minutes on the insoles or moving the soles of the feet intensively on the insoles in wavelike movements.
In the case of personal use the devices don't need to be disinfected.
Regular cleaning with a cleaning agent is sufficient.
Shipping to England insured!
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