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Kamille M, Chamomile - M 5.0 Ag
Relaxation of back and back muscles.
2 to 3 times more effective than other methods, such as massage.
Deep relaxation and well-being.
Recommended for athletes after physical exertion.
Acupressure is very relaxing and has a massage effect

Flat Lyapko acupressure products (mats) are intended for parts of the body that are not flat, but have a certain curvature: back, abdomen, chest area, lower back area, arms and legs, palms and feet. You have to distribute your body weight evenly on the acupressure mat to get the right effect. The acupressure mat should never be placed on a flat surface. Pillows and rolled up towels should be placed under the acupressure mat to adjust the mat to the curves of the spine and neck. Then you lie down directly on the mat with your bare back. This is best done in the morning or in the evening after a hard day. In the morning you can also stand with the soles of your feet on the mat or on special insoles. It can feel a little uncomfortable for the first five minutes, but after that it gets better and there is a feeling of warmth, pleasant vibrations, it can start to tingle and eventually you can get sleepy, you relax and you go into a restful mood sleep over

Chamomile M, needle spacing - 5.0, diameter 314 mm, number of needles - 2106. Composition: iron, copper, nickel, zinc, silver, medicinal rubber. This is a universal and multifunctional applicator. Its distinctive features are: unusual shape, large impact area, the presence of ""moving petals"" that allow you to repeat the relief of any part of the body. In addition, by cutting (dividing) the Kamille M applicator along the indicated lines, it is possible to get segments for all sorts of styling and fixation options for various hard-to-reach areas of the body. The applicator can be used: on the head in the form of a "cap" (for headaches, problems with hair growth), on the cervical collar zone with capture of the nape of the neck, on the back, shoulder girdle, chest, spine zone, lumbosacral region, abdominal area , buttocks, perineum. The main condition for correct styling is an even distribution of body weight over the entire surface of the applicator. Never place the applicator on a completely flat surface. In order to place the applicators correctly, the physiological curves of the spine in the cervical and lumbar areas must be modeled most accurately with pillows and towel-rolled towels, and a roll placed under the knees.
If the uncomfortable feeling does not go away after 10-15 minutes, you should stop and lie down on the mat again after 5-10 hours or the next day, laying a smaller body surface on the mat.
Duration of effect (how long does it take to recover from physical exertion): 15-30 minutes, with the massage ball: 10-15 minutes.
Relaxation, (more often overnight) massage ball: 8-15 minutes. Mats: 20-30 minutes.
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