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Cedar Nut Oil

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This cedar nut oil is a natural product, in a glass bottle.         
Cold pressed, without additives (GMOs or preservatives), and protected from light.         
Cedar nut oil is ideal for enhancing the flavour of dishes.         
Where nature remains unspoilt.    
It is a symbol of strength, health, longevity and resilience.        
       The nuts grow in their natural state, especially in Siberia. The biggest treasure of the Siberian cedar is the seeds (cedar nuts). This cedar nut oil is a natural product. The cedar nuts are harvested exclusively from wild collections. This cedar nut oil has been cold pressed using original Siberian cedar nuts. Cedar kernels are harvested in Siberia in ecologically clean regions of the taiga which remain untouched by modern civilisation. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times daily before meals.               
Composition: Fat: of which saturated 7.8g, monounsaturated 27.2g, polyunsaturated: 64.1g, vitamin E 30.6mg              
Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day, or add it to salads or other dishes                 
Contraindications: intolerance to individual ingredients possible        
Shipping to England insured!
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