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KAPILAR (taxifolin) - source dihydroquercetine

The dietary supplement Kapilar with taxifolin has a pronounced antioxidant effect
Improves the functioning of the capillaries
Prevention in stressful situations.
Reduces the incidence of headaches and dizziness
Increases the body's resilience, improves the blood circulation.
The dietary supplement capillary contains only herbal ingredients. The preparation contains flavonoids of the Siberian larch, in particular taxifolin. Serves to protect cells and expand capillaries.
Taxifolin belongs to the naturally occurring antioxidants or bioflavonoids. It is found in large quantities in the trunk of the Siberian larch or the lamb's larch.
Kapilar is one of the biologically active additives. The active ingredients of the preparation have an antioxidant, histamine-blocking, anti-inflammatory and anti-iematous effect.
Directions: Take 1-2 tablets twice a day during the meal, for a period of 3 - 4 weeks. A break between 7-10 days should be inserted between the periods when this food supplement is taken.
Composition: sorbitol (sweetener), taxifolin, calcium stearate (antifoaming agent).

Imprteur in EU Sia"Viola Farma" Ulbrokas street 42. Riga,
Lettland.Ursprungsland Russland

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