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Kartalin® - HORMONFREE

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Made from natural ingredients and certified for European Union.

The main " Kartalin " advantage is that it is a nonhormone solid oil based cream of plant origin intended to prevent chronic dermatosis such as psoriasis.
" Kartalin " does not contain synthetic and hormone components, that is why it does not provoke skin irritation, it is absolutely nontoxic and approved for children from the age of 3.
Kartalin has antiphlogistic, antipruritic and peeling effects. Children as well as adults can use it without addiction or complications for a long time.
Kartalin  formula is purely natural. Cream is effective on more than 94% as a preventive psoriasis herbal remedy.
Kartalin is easy to use. It is highly effective, absolutely safe and well-tolerated.
Course of therapy is quite protracted (2-4 months).
INGREDIENTS:  Dreiteiliger Zweizahn, Kamille; Vitamin A, Lisozyme, Bienenhonig, Eukalyptusöl, Lavendelöl, Salicylic Säure, das medizinische Öl.
Not detected. Components idiosyncrasy is possible.
Method of administration:
Cream is applied on affected area of the skin with smooth layer (do not rub in) 1 or 2 times in a day for a period not less than 12 hours. Favorable effect is usually observed in already 1-2 weeks. Course of therapy is quite protracted (2-4 months).
First stage of administration:
Total psoriasis patches disappearance (to dark or white dyschromical spots formation)
Second stage
After dyschromical spots formation it is necessary to continue treatment for 1 more month.
Basic prescribing information
To reduce side effects it is recommended to take decongestants (like Klaritin or Diazolin). No alcoholic drinks are allowed. Quitting smoking is advisable. Diet should not contain eggs, fat, fried or spicy food. Healthy sleep is also very important. You can wash your hair and body every day (but not less than 2 times a week) with soap like glycerine, lanoline, coal-tar or baby’s. Shampoo and conditioner should correspond with your hair and skin type. Mustard powder diluted with warm water can be used for hair degreasing. If your skin needs softening after washing apply baby lotion. Using both "Kartalin" and any other hormone ointment is not advisable.
If affected area is vast administration should be gradual: begin with legs, after 3 days apply cream on hands and after 3 more days it can be applied on all affected skin.
Do not bandage affected skin. It is better to wear some old clothes.
Do not cease administration even for a day.
What you need to know: Do not forget that alcohol and tobacco aggravate chronic dermatosis.
Negative emotions are one of the worst initiating factors.
Your diet should not contain fat, fried or spicy food, try to avoid overeating.
When taking a shower use soft bath sponge (cotton tissue) and hygiene products only with neutral pH.
Remember how important and good physical exercises are, especially outdoors.
Try to wear light, loose clothes made of natural fabric since it does not provoke another cycle of eruption.
Durability date: 3 years. 100 ml tube
Product is certified.
For external use only.
Storage conditions Store at RT, keep out of the reach of children
PREPARATION: "OOO Astra Farm" Formed. 2001. Made in

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