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Insole with Slippers - Plus

Foot reflexology massage            Fuß reflexzonen massage
Acupressure is very relaxing and has a massage effect. Increases to two-three times the effectiveness of massage, classic acupuncture.            Akupressur ist sehr entspannend und hat einen Massageeffekt. Erhöht auf das Zwei-Dreifache die Wirksamkeit  Massage, klassische Akupunktur.
Deep relaxation and well-being. Relieving muscle tension             Tiefe Entspannung und Wohlbefinden. Linderung Muskelverspannungen
Is effective and functioning properly            Wirkt effektiv und funktioniert einwandfrei
Restoration of body forces            Wiederherstellung der Körperkräfte
"Needle step - 5,0, quantity of needles - 1494, the size - 37-40 (100х252 mm). Make up: iron, copper, nickel, zinc, silver, rubber of medical purposes. The producer can change a complete set of these goods.
Lyapko applicator `Insoles Plus` is original and special. Specially selected magnitude of restrictive rollers doses and adjusts the power of the needle impacts on the reflex zones of the plantae, preventing and eliminating the possibility of damage of skin. `Insoles Plus` applicator helps to restore and normalize the function of all organs and systems. The applicator stimulates natural abilities of an organism to self-healing, awakens ""the internal doctor"".
Lyapko applicator `Insoles Plus` is an improving system which suits everyone without age, sex or weight limits! It is possible to step on insoles accurately. It is also possible to stand on them, walk, run and even jump and dance with them. In a set with insoles there are slippers, for fixing and convenience of application.
stimulating (tonic) effect - 5-7 minutes in an active motor mode (walking, running); standing on the insoles or intensive «laminating» foot with the insoles.
calming (sedative) effect – 15-30 minutes of smooth, progressive, wave-like motion of the foot with the insole, at the initial sitting position in a chair or lying in bed. It is possible to step on insoles accurately. It is also possible to stand on them, walk, run and even jump and dance with them.
Having put the insole inside a cotton sock (size 27-29) and wearing it on foot, while in a sitting position, some objects such as a rolling pin or glass bottle can be rolled along the floor to optimize the effect.
Lyapko applicator `Insoles Plus`  is easy in use, you can put cotton wool between the insole-applicator and slippers at the zone level which must be activated; to enhance the effect you can put on the insole a fabric layer – 2-3 layers of cheesecloth or thin cotton cloth dampened with a solution of medicinal products, a decoction of herbs, salt solution. «Insoles» can also be used on any areas of the body.
Lyapko applicator `Insoles Plus` is return to the nature!"  

Keep out of reach of children
Warning: This application use can not replace the visit to the doctor. Especially if you take medications or has chronic diseases, should speak with the doctor.
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